Realizing the Value of Solar
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  • Electricity Usage

    No one can tell you what solar is worth to you until you tell us how much energy you use in kilowatt hours (kWh) / month.

    Your Solar Potential

    How much solar energy can you generate on the property you've got? Solar Payoff website provides state-of-the-art tools to measure your solar potential.

    The Investment Bottom Line

    How much of the energy you use will solar offset and what will the system cost? Taking into account incentives and finance charges, Solar Payoff's website determines the bottom line of this investment.

  • Buy Cash Outright

    With a cash purchase your gains from solar will always surpass the alternatives. Few investments can match the return on solar with so little risk.

    A Loan To Own

    Financing solar with borrowed money lets you keep the available incentives. Like a mortgage, however, the interest charges will significantly reduce your gain, depending on the rate and term.

    Leasing Electrons

    Here, you lease the energy from financial interests who own the solar on your property. You pay little to nothing upfront. You pay a bit less than you would the utility. But, like a loan, you also give up a significant part of the gain.The term of the lease is crucial.

  • The Solar Payoff Marketplace.

    In the Solar Payoff Marketplace, with your consent, three licensed contractors from the SunCrafters Alliance apply a trained eye to your job and submit independent bids. With those bids in hand you negotiate your deal.

    The SunCrafters Alliance.

    A network of qualified solar contractors from your community, The SunCrafters Alliance offers the best inputs at the best prices and financing options only larger, high overhead, often national firms can bring to a deal.

    Our Energy Future.

    Our energy future is predictable. Go Solar and free yourself from dwindling supplies for fossil fuels, monopoly power, foreign dependencies, and inevitably higher prices. Protect yourself and the planet from environmental havoc.


Realizing The Value of Solar

The Investor Tool

Going Solar

The Solar Payoff Estimate

The Solar Payoff Marketplace

Solar Payoff's GIS-based Investor Tool estimates the solar you can generate, what the system will cost, and what an investment in solar is worth, life of the system. Solar Payoff's energy and financial projections are free to you!


The Investor Tool is the gateway to the Solar Payoff Marketplace. With the information you received, you can invite site-specific bids from The SunCrafters Alliance. Too soon to move, just create an account and sit on your data

until a sunnier day! Decide solar isn't for you, we honor your decision completely. Your information will be deleted immediately.

Financing Solar

Solar Payoff explores the three financing options available
– cash purchase, own with a loan, and leasing electrons.
You can compare the financial returns. The more you commit upfront, the greater your long-term reward.

The Value of Solar

Using actual tariffs, Solar Payoff measures investment return by calculating your electricity savings while also taking into account any incentives or finance charges involved. With this info, we determine your net annual gain and your cumulative gain as the years roll out. We also give you the crucial financial indicators: payback, ROI, and IRR. Be ready to be surprised. The returns are substantial and risk free!!

                                       The SunCrafters Alliancesuncrafters
                                 The SunCrafters Alliance is Solar Payoff's network of low overhead, licensed, local solar contractors. By joining buyers together to reap the rewards of volume, Solar Payoff can deliver our contractors quality inputs at competitive prices and pass those savings to you. Working through our financing partners, we can also provide access to the financing you need to "Realize the Value of Solar."